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Heart of Jerusalem

An Institute dedicated to the renewal of the Humanities and the teaching of Ancient and Semitic languages.

What's New at Polis


New Polis book: Spoken Arabic verbs in English, French and Spanish

We are happy to announce the release of our new book 'Essential Verbs in Levantine Spoken Arabic'...

November 18, 2020

Training for Ancient Greek and Latin instructors

Polis Institute is offering opportunities for candidates interested in being trained in teaching...

October 16, 2020

Spring semester pre-registration open

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a more user-friendly website, we have launched a...

September 23, 2020

Why Polis

The Polis Method
Polis Community
Master's Degrees

Total Immersion. Our classes are taught entirely in the target language: the only language spoken, written, or read is the one being taught. This principle marks the main difference from the traditional grammar translation methods and is both the cornerstone and wellspring of our methodology.

Dynamic Language Development. We recognize the student’s continuous progression in language acquisition based on the Four Basic Language Skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and modes of discourse or literary genres (dialogue › narration › argumentation › poetry).

The students and staff of Polis make up a community of exceptionally diverse, intellectually curious, and highly motivated language learners. Students—whether they be professionals or scholars, local or international—come to Polis to share a commitment to language study and language immersion.

Successful completion of the MA in Ancient Philology program entitles the student to receive an accredited MA degree from either the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome) or the International University of Catalunya (Barcelona). Successful completion of the MA in Near Eastern Languages program entitles the student to receive an accredited MA degree from the University of Navarra (Pamplona) or the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona).

To study and live in Jerusalem can be quite financially demanding. Polis is here to ensure that students who qualify receive the help they deserve. Thanks to the generosity of our donors there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available for Polis Academic Programs in Jerusalem, including all MA, One-Year, and Fluency programs.


Polis is situated at the heart of Jerusalem, just outside the Old City.

Life in Jerusalem


Polis is present every summer in the Eternal City of Rome, offering language courses and methodology seminars.

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

United States

Polis is also in the United States! Polis offers immersive summer courses in several states every summer.

Christendom College (VA)