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  • Prof. Christophe Rico

    Dean | Head of Ancient Philology Program | Ancient Greek language and linguistics

  • Dr. Mercedes Rubio

    Head of Institutional Relations & Accreditation | Chair of the Academic Committee | Medieval Philosophy

  • Dr. Tania Notarius

    Head of Near Eastern Languages Program | Semitic Linguistics

  • Henri Gourinard

    Historical Geography

  • Eyal Nahum

    Hebrew Department Coordinator | Biblical Hebrew

  • Taghreed Constantinides

    Arabic Department Coordinator | Spoken and Modern Standard Arabic

  • Rogelio Toledo, PhD Candidate

    Ancient Greek Department Coordinator | Latin Department Coordinator

  • Dr. Julie Ethioux

    Ancient Greek - Josephus Flavius

  • Prof. Jerónimo Leal

    Latin Patristics

  • Prof. Juan Chapa

    Greek papyrology