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Applications for upcoming academic year still open

Registration for the 2020/21 Academic Year at Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities is still open. We are looking forward to accepting applications from students to our Academic Programs until the end of August.

We already have a record number of students registered for the upcoming year’s Academic Programs. But we still have several places left and we hope to fill them up before September.

Studying at Polis is an excellent way for a student to really master their chosen language – as all our classes are taught with The Polis Method which involves total immersion in the target language with a focus on fluency of speech.

Additionally, as we are based in Israel, prices for Academic Programs are very competitive compared to the global market and Polis is an international Institute open to all faiths and nationalities. The prospect of living in the ancient and vibrant Holy City of Jerusalem is also a big draw for many people.

Polis offers two third-party accredited MA degrees and four other Academic Programs. The first MA program is in Ancient Philology – which mainly focuses on Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew. Our second MA programs is on the study of Near Eastern Languages, this focuses on Modern Hebrew and Arabic but also delves into the wider language and cultural context of the Middle East.

Prospective students who are interested in studying at Polis in the coming academic year are encouraged to read more on our website. The link to sign-up is here.