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April 30th 2021, Abstract Submission Deadline

Your Participation Enriches the Conference Experience!

We welcome your participation in the Polis Institute’s 5th Interdisciplinary Conference From Logos to Person.  You can choose one of two ways to participate; as an in-person presenter, or as a contributor to the Atrium of Papers.  In either event, an abstract submission of up to 250 words must be submitted by April 30th for approval. 

In-Person Presenter

At the Conference in-person presenters will have 20 minutes to present their thesis to a live audience including a small panel of experts, and an online audience.  The presentation will be followed by a 10 minute question period and panel discussion.  Following the Conference, in-person presenters will be invited to prepare a written text for inclusion in the Atrium of Papers.

Contributor to Atrium of Papers

For those who cannot present their thesis at the Conference, the Atrium of Papers is a great opportunity to share ideas.  Articles of up to 6,000 words will be uploaded to the Atrium, a gallery of papers on the Conference website.  Conference participants will be granted access to these papers for up to one year.

All Atrium Papers, whether submitted directly or in conjunction with in-person presentations, will be considered by the editorial board of the final monography for a peer-reviewed publication.  For further information, please visit our Conference website, Conference 2021 « Polis ( .

Click here to access the Conference page.