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The Management Committee of the Polis Institute

The Polis Institute is registered as an association under Israeli law (עמותה רשומה). The legal responsibility of the Institute falls on the Management Committee (MC) of the Institute. The General Assembly of the Institute which is composed of all the members of the Institute elects the members of the Management Committee among its members. The participation in the MC is based on voluntary basis and the members of the MC cannot be salaried staff of the Institute.

Currently, the MC is composed of:

  • Mr. Michel Baroni, Dean of Faculty at ESSEC Business School, Head of the Committee
  • Mr. Jorge Alé, Assistant Professor of Economics at Bar-Ilan University 
  • Professor Christophe Rico, Dean of the Institute
  • Mr. Philippe Matuchansky, CEO at Pierre Real Estate SA
  • Teresa Sádaba, Dean at ISEM Fashion Business School, Professor at Universidad de Navarra

In addition, the legal advisor of the Institute, Adv. Tomer Isack, is a non-voting member of the MC and acts as its secretary.


The Executive Committee of the Polis Institute

The EC is the decision-making body for all matters within the Institute except the hiring and remuneration processes which follow the HR procedures. The EC is also in charge of the budgeting process. Staff members, whether administrative or academic, can submit proposals to the EC for review.

Currently, the EC is composed of:

  • Professor Christophe Rico, Dean of the Institute
  • Professor Tania Notarius, Vice Dean of the Institute
  • Mr. Hani Tahhan, Secretary General
  • Mr. Rafiq Nasrallah, Head of Finance and HR
  • A representative of the Academic and Students Affairs Department (ASAD)