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Conference in Chicago in June at Northridge Preparatory School

In collaboration with the Polis Insitute, Northridge Preparatory School is organizing a five day in-person conference in the Chicago area for current and aspiring teachers interested in learning how to teach Latin and Spanish using the full-immersion approach best exemplified in the Polis Method. 

This training will equip current and aspiring teachers of Latin and Spanish on how to teach a language via a natural, engaging, and spoken method. Additionally, the conference will provide a greater appreciation of why languages are worth teaching using this approach. Educators who value the liberal arts and the tradition of Western education are invited to participate.

The conference will take place during the week of 17-21 June 2024 in the school Northridge which is located in the suburb of Niles, IL, and it's just 15min away from O'Hare International Aiport. Registration costs $700 USD and it includes lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday, along with printed materials for the conference. Want to find out more? Click on this link to visit the conference's webpage or contact Guillermo Dillon at [email protected] in case you have any questions.

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