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Fall semester registrations open

We are happy to announce the opening of registrations for our fall semester at The Polis Institute.

As usual we will be offering a wide variety of courses in Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, Modern Hebrew, Latin and Spoken Arabic between October and February.

In this semester we will also be offering courses in Coptic and Classical Syriac. In addition we will be opening some of the theoretical courses of our Academic Programs to the general public.

You can register here and pay here for the language courses and register here and pay here for the theoretical courses.

We will also be offering online courses this fall - with groups based in EU and US times for students around the world.

Pre-registration for our Spring semster 2021 is also now open. You can sign-up through our website here.

Our website has all the information regarding the courses - you can navigate to your chosen language from the menu at the top of every page.

We look forward to learning with you - you are welcome to email [email protected] with any questions.