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Improvements to Our Facilities

In the last months we have been working to improve the quality of our facilities. Our Agora (the courtyard connecting the main building and the library at Polis), called so after the important intellectual and social meeting place found in every ancient polis (“city”), has been revamped. We have removed a small stone wall and fence that lay in the middle of the courtyard, added four stone benches under the shade of an ancient cypress that invites private brainstorming and scholarly exchanges, made the pavement more even and fixed the steps leading to the Agora.

We are also improving the back yard, which is enlivened by students and staff daily at lunch time. The tile floor has been redone, an old stone wall has been removed to make more room for the academic community, and we have added a line of bushes to our garden. A creative replacement of the kitchen door has also contributed to having more space in this hub of student life.