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Instructor Oobie Weinberg Accepted for Research Position with Cambridge Digital Biblical Research

Congratulations to Polis graduate and Biblical Hebrew instructor Oobie Weinberg, who was recently accepted for a position as an exegete and researcher with Cambridge Digital Biblical Research .  Oobie will be joining a team of scholars to work on the Psalms Layer-by-Layer project  He will begin with three months of linguistic exegetical training and then move onto detailed methodological analysis of the Hebrew psalms, creating sophisticated visual resources for biblical translators all around the world. This will include, for example, grammatical diagramming, participant analysis, discourse analysis, semantic analysis, speech act analysis, poetics, word plays and phonological repetitions, and more. “I also believe that this opportunity will enhance my abilities as an instructor at Polis,” explains Oobie. “I am excited at the chance to go deep into Biblical Hebrew research and then bring that richness into my teaching.”