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Ancient Greek


Ninety per cent of all Greek texts of Antiquity have been written in Koine Greek. This dialect is the language of a vast array of classical texts ranging from the fields of philosophy and medicine to poetry and novels, and it is the original language of the New Testament, that of the Septuagint and of many ancient Jewish and Christian texts. As many of today’s physical and social sciences originated with ancient Greeks and their fascinating treatises on a myriad of topics, knowledge of this language is the key to understanding the birth of Western culture.


Ancient Greek I + II (Intensive)

Ancient Greek III

Ancient Greek IV

Ancient Greek Readings I, II, III, IV

Ancient Greek V

Ancient Greek VI

Ancient Greek VII

Ancient Greek VIII

Greek Lunch (Symposium) I, II, III, IV

Greek Lunches (Symposia) 1

Greek Lunches (Symposia) 2

Greek Lunches (Symposia) 3

Greek Lunches (Symposia) 4

Greek Paleography

Greek Philology

Greek Readings

History of Writing Systems (Taught in A. Greek)

Issues in Teaching Ancient Languages

Seven Seals I (Taught in A. Greek)

Seven Seals II (Taught in A. Greek)

Speech in Ancient Greek

Speech in Ancient Language

Translation Theory (Taught in A. Greek)

Meet the Students

Kelsey Coia

Virginia, US

From my experience as a high school Latin teacher, I was confident that the Polis method was worth serious thought, and now I observe my own language intuition in Ancient Greek growing.

MA in Ancient Philology (’20)

Shen Yichen

Wuhan, China

Polis is the only place where the Ancient languages are still living. Located in the Holy Land, the city of the Bible, Polis gives me a chance to go back to the Ancient World, and to meet the thoughts of the ancient saints and sages.

MA in Ancient Philology (’19)

Avit Gracia-Garcia

London, UK

Having a lifelong experience teaching Latin with a communicative approach, I have found only at Polis the chance to learn Coptic, Hebrew, and Arabic taught also in the target language. It’s very exciting to be here!

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