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Coptic is a valuable resource for the study of early Christianity and of multicultural Egypt during the First Millennium CE. The Bohairic Coptic course at the Polis Institute is developed under a grant titled ‘Project for the Development of Bohairic Dialect.’ Using the Polis Method, all Coptic classes are being taught using full immersion and aim to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Source texts are used to create a new learning experience for Coptic as a spoken language, and students will have tools to read and analyze texts in Coptic.

Meet the Students

Avit Gracia-Garcia

London, UK

Having a lifelong experience teaching Latin with a communicative approach, I have found only at Polis the chance to learn Coptic, Hebrew, and Arabic taught also in the target language. It was very exciting to study there!


Bohairic Coptic I

Bohairic Coptic II


Issues in Teaching Ancient Languages