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Classical Latin, taught in its broadest sense, includes the Golden Age of Latin literature (1st c. BC – 1st c. AD) as well as the Imperial Latin from the Nerva-Antonine dynasty (96-192 AD) and the Severan dynasty (193-235 AD). This period has the advantage of being an intermediate between pre-Classical Latin and Late Latin (3rd c.-6th c. AD). Even authors from the 4th or 5th centuries AD such as St. Augustine of Hippo or St. Jerome, albeit writing in a slightly different language than the classical one, took the Golden Age of Latin literature as a reference. Studying Classical Latin (in the broad sense) allows us to easily read the most interesting Latin texts of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

All courses are taught using The Polis Method which immerses students in the target language from the very first class which allows learning in a more natural way. The Polis Method focuses on total immersion and speech fluency and we believe helps students acquire the language quicker than the traditional grammar translation method.



Ancient Languages - July 2021





Jul 5 – 23, 2021


3 Weeks


Virginia - Latin - Summer 2021





Jun 21 – Jul 9, 2021


3 Weeks

Monday to Friday 8:30-11:15 and 13:00-15:45
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Meet the Students

Sean Stewart


I want to underline how effective, enjoyable and powerful this course was for me. The programme is nothing short of breathtaking. At times I forgot that I was learning "Latin" as such, and was instead just loving the art of communicating in a new language. Rarely, if ever, have I had such value and pleasure from a course and I loved every moment of this outstanding opportunity to learn, at long last, Latin as a living language.

Latin Intensive (’19)

Kelsey Coia

Virginia, US

From my experience as a high school Latin teacher, I was confident that the Polis method was worth serious thought, and now I observe my own language intuition in Ancient Greek growing.

MA in Ancient Philology (’20)

Maria Overy

United Kingdom

My interest in Latin and Greek led me to read for a BA in Classics, followed by a year of studies in Theology, at Oxford. I’ve found that the immersive method has nourished my familiarity in Latin and Greek. I’m confident that the gift of experiencing ancient languages this way will only keep on giving!

MA in Ancient Philology (’21)

The Faculty


Issues in Teaching Ancient Languages


Latin I

Latin II

Latin III

Latin IV

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