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Spoken Arabic


Spoken Arabic is commonly taught as a second language using the Latin script. The Polis Institute is one of the first academic institutions in the world where Spoken Arabic is taught fully in Arabic and written only in Arabic script. The first course of Absolute Beginners includes teaching the alphabet, while candidates for other levels are required to know the script. This methodology facilitates an authentic and direct approach to the language, and is a more natural way of introduction to Modern Standard Arabic.


Applied Philology Seminar 1: Arabic Folklore & Popular Stories

Applied Philology Seminar 2: Arabic in Media

Arabic Philosophy

Introduction to Arabic Literature

Issues in Semitic Languages

Semitic Palaeography

Speech in Arabic

Speech in Arabic

Spoken Arabic (4, 5, 6)

Spoken Arabic 1 (Intensive)

Spoken Arabic 2

Spoken Arabic 3

Spoken Arabic 4

Spoken Arabic 5

Spoken Arabic 6

Spoken Arabic Advanced

Meet the Students

Sarah Pinson


After my B.A. in Hebrew and Arabic completed in Paris, I decided to pursue my studies at Polis because it is this only place where I could study both languages at the same time, in the city of Jerusalem where students from the entire world meet.

MA in Near Eastern Languages (’20)


After completing my Master of Laws in The Netherlands, I decided to devote two years of my life to a long-thought-out project: studying Near Eastern Languages. The Polis immersive method provides me with linguistic tools and communication skills that are essential to improve my study of Arabic and Modern Hebrew.

MA in Near Eastern Languages (’21)

The Faculty