Lucian of Samosata

On the left you will find the audio recordings of several of Lucian's works. Files are available as free mp3 downloads. 



Kataplous (The Downward Journey)

This is a joint Polis Institute - Cornell University production. 

Characters (Polis Institute Students)

Charon: Leon Wirtz

Clotho: Catie Crnkovich

Hermes/The Bed: Jules Culot
Kuniskos: Christophe Rico 

Megapenthes: Conor Stark

Mikullos: Michael Kopf

The Lamp: Leonardo Buscemi

The Dead: Leonardo Buscemi and Zachary Thomas

Tisiphone: Julie Ethioux 

Rhadamanthus: Raymond Spiotta

Production (Polis Institute Students)

Recording: Zachary Thomas and Leonardo Buscemi 

Editing: Zachary Thomas 

Watch on Youtube:

Cyclops and Poseidon

In this delightful satire by Lucian, the cyclops Polyphemus runs to tell his father Poseidon how Odysseus blinded him while he slept, and Poseidon promises to take vengeance on the wily Greek. 


Leon and Michael's performance brings out Lucian's brilliant wit in a colorful dramatic interpretation.



Read by Leon Wirtz and Michael Kopf 

Produced by Zachary Thomas

The edition used in this recording may be found here

Watch on Youtube:

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