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New Polis book: Spoken Arabic verbs in English, French and Spanish

We are happy to announce the release of our new book 'Essential Verbs in Levantine Spoken Arabic' which aims to help anyone studying the language.

The book is a compilation of 463 verbs in Arabic, with a simple translation in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. The introduction is also in the same three languages. It was compiled by Joaquin Paniello - a student of Arabic at Polis - after completing the Spoken Arabic courses at The Institute and was reviewed by the Institute's Arabic instructors before publishing.

Professor Joaquin Paniello compiled the book

"As a student of Spoken Arabic, I greatly missed a reference for verbs while learning the language." He said. "We learn by listening and speaking, but we need to check if we are right or look for verbs that we knew and forgot. Even with a suitable method of teaching, personal work is essential. I am very happy that the book has been published and I hope it will help my co-students to advance faster."

The verbs' order follows the order of the lessons and attempts to list the most common verbs first. Every verb is written in a column: the root, the essential meaning (Spanish, English, and French), the conjugation in the past (perfect), imperative, present (imperfect) tenses, and the three nominal forms: the active participle (إسم الفاعل), the passive participle (إسم المفعول), and the action (مصدر).

It has an index ordered by Arabic roots, and the other three indexes one for each language, indicating the page where the verb can be found. It also includes a summary of the conjugations in Arabic.

The book can currently be purchased through Polis' office - anyone interested in buying the book can reach out to [email protected] we hope to make the book available for purchase online soon.