Who are we?


The Polis Institute is a non-profit academic institution founded in 2011 by a group of linguists desiring to promote the knowledge of ancient languages and civilizations. Polis believes that the study of ancient sources, namely the Helleno-Roman antiquity, the Judeo-Christian heritage or the Arabo-Muslim culture is the key for a better understanding of our global world.

Foreign students need a visa for their stay in Jerusalem. Please contact us to start this process once you have registered. We do what we can to help students who have been accepted and paid the 2,000 NIS registration fee (part of the total tuition fee) for one of our MA or One Year programs  apply for an annual visa, which is renewable in the second year. An application fee of 180 NIS will be charged for this. Please respect the deadlines and the instructions given by the Institute in order to avoid any last minute inconvenience. More info. While program applications are accepted until August 1, students who submit their completed application by May 1 will have a better chance of receiving their visa on time.


Study environment


Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. With myriads of cultures and languages, an exceptional history and a vibrant community of scholars and students, it is hard to think of a more propitious environment for the study of programs offered by Polis. 

Finding and paying for accommodation is the responsibility of the students. Upon request, the Institute will provide the student with useful contacts in order to help him/her finding a suitable place to stay. With near 40,000 students in the city, Jerusalem offers many rooms and apartments in the center of the city for a reasonable price.

With Polis, students are able to get useful work experience during their studies. Advanced students are chosen by the staff to run beginners' language classes (in Jerusalem or abroad) or to work on the production and publication of academic books. Students registered in the second year of the MA programs may apply to follow the Emphasis in Teaching Ancient Languages.


Get experience during your studies


Accommodation (2 bedrooms apartment): 560-800€/700-1000$ monthly.


Food (2 persons): 440€/550$ monthly.


Transportation (Bus + Tram): 55€/70$ monthly.


Health Insurance: 24-32€/30-40$ monthly.


All prices are estimates only and are subject to change. This list is valid as of 2014. Please take currency conversion rates and inflation into account when calculating your budget during your time in Jerusalem.

Estimate of living costs in Jerusalem

The Polis Institute is situated in the neighborhood of Musrara, between the city center and the Old City. The old Arabic market, the Holy Sepulcher, and Jaffa Street with its many shops, bars, and restaurants, are at a few minutes’ walk from the Institute.


Your Degree


Teaching and Research

Polis Institute is a unique place where both modern and ancient languages are taught in a living way. Target languages are spoken in class, among students in the corridor and around the tables with instructors at lunch.

The living method is combined with the most advanced language acquisition techniques that reproduce the process by which children acquire their mother tongue.  The benefits of the method are clear: at the end of their course of study, our students are able to understand texts directly, intuitively, without having to use a grammar book or a dictionary.

Our staff consists of renowned scholars from Israel, Palestine, Europe, and the USA. Under their supervision, our students are introduced to scientific research, which culminates in the master's thesis written on a subject of the student's choice.

Students who successfully complete the One Year program in Ancient Philology or Semitic Philology will receive a certificate from the Polis Institute.

Successful completion of the MA in Ancient Philology program entitles the student to receive an accredited MA degree from either the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome) or by the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona). Successful completion of the MA in Semitic Philology program entitles the student to receive an accredited MA degree from the University of Navarra (Pamplona).

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