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Presence at International Conferences

During the month of February, I was invited to participate in the Paideia Institute’s annual conference in New York, at Fordham University, where I gave two lectures, the first one on the Tree of Life (in ancient Greek) and the second on a specific aspect of the Polis Method, Living Sequential Expression (in English). This technique singles out some frequent activities like getting dressed, having breakfast, going to work, etc. Each of these activities consists of several actions that are logically connected to each other. Reenacting these series of actions enhances the whole language acquisition process.

During the same week, I also lectured at the College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia) on the names of Jerusalem and at Sattler College (Boston, Massachusetts) on the Polis Method. After that I took an opportunity to lecture in Barcelona (at Universidad Autónoma) on Living Sequential Expression, and in London (at Brompton Oratory) on the relationship between archeology and the events related in the Book of Exodus. I also gave a full immersion Greek class at Oxford University.

Our Hebrew Department Coordinator, Eyal Nahum, participated in the 49. IKH (Internationale Konferenz der Hebräischlehrenden), an annual international gathering of German-speaking Hebraists, which in this occasion was held in Berlin. The conference’s topic was “Beyond the Bible: Hebrew in the context of Semitic and Judaic Studies,” and Eyal gave a presentation about Polis’ method of full immersion as we apply it to the teaching of Biblical Hebrew entitled, “Advantages and Challenges of Teaching Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language.”