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Language Course

Ancient Greek


At Polis, we teach at the same time Attic and Koine Greek. The teacher communicates in high Koine Greek which includes almost all Attic features and, when necessary, teaches the difference between the two dialects. Ninety per cent of all Greek texts of Antiquity were written in Koine Greek. These texts range from philosophy and medicine to poetry and novels, it is the original language of the New Testament, the Septuagint and many ancient Jewish and Christian texts. As many of today’s physical and social sciences originated with Ancient Greeks, knowledge of this language is the key to understanding the birth of Western culture.

The course at Polis is intended to familiarize students with the language through natural learning methods. From the first day, all lessons are conducted in Ancient Greek using techniques based on the way children acquire their mother tongue, allowing the students to develop a keen intuition in understanding and speaking the language. The course is designed to provide speaking skills that, with practice, will allow the student to store new information in long-term memory, reading skills that will allow the student to approach original texts without reliance on translations and written exercises which will enable students to perfect their mastery of this ancient and beautiful language.



Program Dates

Sep 8 – Oct 8, 2020

Program Length

1 Month



Program Term


Levels I + II

Total Hours

120 Academic Hours


9:00-15:00 (includes Greek Lunch)
no class on Sep 18, Sep 28 and Oct 2


ILS 3,750

More Information

Prerequisite: knowledge of Greek alphabet

Please note: The Ancient Greek level system has changed since September 2017.

How to Apply


To be admitted, please follow the application procedure.

  • Fill out an application form
    Online, by email, or in person.
  • Pay the registration fee upon being accepted.
    This fee is part of the total tuition fee, paid to reserve a seat in the course.


Registration Fee

ILS 350

Students who have been accepted to a program will be asked to confirm their attendance by paying the registration fee which is part of the total tuition fee for the academic year when they begin their studies.

Early Registration Discount

ILS 200

Discount is available for students who register and pay in full by August 17, 2020.

Tuition Fee
Levels I + II
ILS 3,750