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Biblical Hebrew


Biblical Hebrew is the language of the Hebrew Bible. Written and composed over centuries during the 1st millennium B.C., the Hebrew Bible is widely considered the greatest literary achievement of the ancient Near East. Written mostly in Hebrew, it covers a vast range of literary genres and historical accounts. Covering a time span of centuries, a set of beliefs and practices, and unforgettable human figures.

In this course students will be fully immersed into the language from the very first lesson in all four major linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The only language to be used in the classroom from the first moment will be Biblical Hebrew: verses from the Bible will be introduced from the beginning stages of the course, analyzed and discussed in Hebrew. Students will command each other in biblical Hebrew, as if they were King Solomon himself!

No prior knowledge is expected from the students, as the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary will be gradually taught and assimilated.

The Bible opens up to us a world deeply rooted in human history, sometimes very different from ours, often difficult to understand. It is one of the aims of this course, to get the students acquainted not only with this ancient language, but also with biblical civilization: the geography of ancient Israel and the ancient Near East, basic concepts, beliefs and practices of the ancient Israelites, their social structures, their kings, prophets, judges and priests, their genealogies, as well as their enemies.

As the Hebrew Bible is considered by Jews and Christians to be inspired by God, these texts will be studied with the utmost respect to the faith of each one.

By the end of the 5th semester (a total of 300 academic hours) students are expected to be able to handle a text of classical prose without an excessive use of a dictionary.

The textbook used in this course was written especially for these purposes by Eyal Nahum.



Program Dates

Feb 27 – Jun 30, 2020

Program Length

4 Months



Program Term


Level II

Total Hours

100 Academic Hours


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 14:00-16:45


ILS 2,150 / Semester

Level V

Total Hours

60 Academic Hours


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11:15-12:45


ILS 1,650 / Semester


Total Hours

30 Academic Hours


March 5, 12, 26 | April 16, 30 | May 7, 14, 26 | June 4, 11 Thursdays, 17:45-20:00 (+ Tuesday, May 26th, 17:45-20:00)


ILS 1,050

More Information

Course Prerequisite: Completion of Biblical Hebrew V

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