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Language Course

Ge'ez - ONLINE - Spring 2024



Program Dates

Apr 17 – Jun 26, 2024

Program Length

4 Months




Introduction to Ge'ez II

Total Hours

20 Academic Hours


Wednesday 18:00-19:40 (JERUSALEM TIME)


ILS 775

More Information

In this course, the students are expected to make active use of the knowledge they received in the introductory Ge’ez course taught in the fall semester of 2023. Students that have not participated in that course can be admitted to Classical Ethiopic Ge’ez II only after their level of knowledge of Ge’ez has been tested by the instructor. The course will include reading, grammatical analysis and translation of several non-adapted texts: excerpts from the Bible (both Old and New Testaments); brief Synaxarion Vitae of Ethiopian saints – St Yared and St Takla Haymanot, possibly also poetic fragments from the Synaxarion.

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ILS 400

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Tuition Fee
Introduction to Ge'ez II
ILS 775