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Language Course

Rome - Biblical Hebrew - hybrid - Summer 2024


Since 2010 the summer intensive courses in Rome have brought to the Eternal City hundreds of students who look for a perfect environment for the study of Latin, Ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew (3 weeks in duration).

In addition to Classical Languages, Polis Institute and the Holy Cross University opened a methodology course in order to train teachers according to the Polis method.

The language courses last for three weeks, while the methodology course lasts for two weeks. Students of the Holy Cross University can submit a request to their dean for the credits received to be recognized.

For the location of the courses in Rome: Location of PUSC

Note about hybrid courses:

  • A hybrid course means that some students will be attending in-person while others online. You can choose the in-person or the online modality when registering. We highly recommend the in-person modality when possible.
  • Once the courses starts, it is not possible to switch from one modality to the other (from in-person to online or from online to in-person). If a student needs to switch modalities for reasons beyond his or her control, the student can contact the office to request for approval to change modality.



Program Dates

Jul 8 – 26, 2024

Program Length

3 Weeks




Biblical Hebrew

Level 1 _HYBRID_

Total Hours

70 Academic Hours


Monday - Friday, 13:00 - 17:00


ILS 3,250

Book: A booklet will be provided at the beginning of the course (included in the course fee)

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet.

Tools for learning Hebrew

NOTE: In case of a big group, the number of hours will be increased to 80 academic hours and the sessions would end at 17:30 instead of 17:00.

More Information

Museum/site entrance fees are the responsibility of the student.

How to Apply


To be admitted, please follow the application procedure.

  • Fill out an application form
  • Pay the tuition fee.


Early Registration Discount

ILS 200

Discount is available for students who register and pay in full by June 1, 2024.The early registration discount applies only to courses that cost more than 1300 shekels.

Tuition Fee
Biblical Hebrew
Level 1 _HYBRID_
ILS 3250