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Academic Excellence

Polis offers a wide variety of programs, both at our campus in Jerusalem and in other locations around the world. In Jerusalem we have our flagship academic programs which allow students to pursue their studies over one year, or two, in a variety of disciplines. Twice a year, in fall and spring, we also run our four-month long language courses. In summer we have shorter intensive language courses.

Since its inception Polis has had a global outlook and has worked with many academics and institutions around the world. These fruitful relationships are the basis of many of our International Programs and Online Programs

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At the Crossroad of Cultures

Western Civilization has developed around two principal sources: the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Helleno-Roman culture. Over centuries, these sources have shaped our cultural vision and greatly contributed to the building of our modern world. In our multicultural ever-changing environment, many of us long to become more acquainted with our own heritage, with the roots and the growth of Western thought.

The Living Method

Jerusalem, the city of the Bible, the cradle of monotheism, and the melting pot of the Semitic and Hellenistic heritages, is a unique place to discover the roots of our civilization through the study of languages. The Polis Institute is currently the only place in the world where a student can study ancient and modern Middle Eastern and ancient Western languages, all as living languages.

The Polis Method

Back to the Source

Most of the writings from Ancient and Medieval times can only be read in their original language. They have never been translated into any modern language. Furthermore, many specialists in the Humanities lack full command of ancient languages. It becomes increasingly difficult to find translators of ancient texts or even a scientific article where the author quotes a text from Antiquity that has never been translated into any modern language before. Hence, 21st century individuals finds themselves estranged from their cultural roots.

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There is a wide variety of programs at Polis that to tailor to every student’s needs. To find the program that suits your needs, you may also use the search tool.

Program NameEnrollmentLocationCategoryTermLength
Ancient Greek Fall 2021OpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Biblical Hebrew Fall 2021OpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Certificate in Second Language Teaching MethodologyOpenJerusalemGraduate Program, MethodologyFall, Spring1 Year
Classical Syriac Fall 2021 - ONLINE OnlineOpenOnlineLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Fluency in Ancient GreekOpenJerusalemFluency ProgramFall, Spring2 Years
Fluency in ArabicOpenJerusalemFluency ProgramFall, Spring2 Years
Latin Fall 2021OpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Modern Hebrew Fall 2021 - دورات اللغة العبريةOpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Modern Standard Arabic Fall 2021 - ערבית ספרותית מודרניתOpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
One-Year Program in Ancient PhilologyOpenJerusalemGraduate ProgramFall, Spring1 Year
One-Year Program in Near Eastern LanguagesOpenJerusalemGraduate ProgramFall, Spring1 Year
Spoken Arabic Fall 2021 - ערבית מדוברתOpenJerusalemLanguage CourseFall4 Months
Third-Party Accredited MA in Ancient PhilologyOpenJerusalemGraduate ProgramFall, Spring2 Years
Third-Party Accredited MA in Near Eastern LanguagesOpenJerusalemGraduate ProgramFall, Spring2 Years