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Academic Programs

Third-Party Accredited Master's Degrees

The Polis Institute offers an unparalleled path towards third-party accredited MA degrees through the unique Jerusalem experience and The Polis Method of language learning. Polis partners with top-ranking universities in Europe that offer Master's of Arts in Ancient Philology and in Near Eastern Languages.

First year of Third-Party Accredited Master's Degrees

Polis also offers shortened versions of the Ancient Philology and Near Eastern Languages Degrees. The One-Year Programs are open to anyone with a BA degree or above. Students who successfully complete the Program will receive a certificate from The Polis Institute.

Fluency Programs

Fluency Programs are two-year programs which aim to allow the student to master the language. These programs will give students the possibility to speak, read, listen, and write in the target language in the most efficient manner through The Polis Method of language learning.

Certificate in Second Language Teaching Methodology

A one-year program intended for language teachers who want to improve their teaching methodology or adapt it to immersive methods in any of the languages we offer at The Polis Institute. The goal is getting the necessary theoretical basis in Second Language Acquisition and methodological aspects and applying The Polis Method to their main language.

One Year Customized Program

If you are interested in some courses and languages that the Polis Institute is offering but you do not see any corresponding program, it is possible to contact us to see if we can offer you a customized program. 

This possibility exists for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as for PhD holders with specific requirements and conditions.

Please send us an email to [email protected] with "Customized Program" in the subject field specifying your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DEGREE - What degree will I receive?

The degree-granting institution for each program differs. All MA degrees are granted by a third-party University. The MA in Ancient Philology degree is granted by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. The MA in Near Eastern Languages degree is granted by Universidad de Navarra.

Certificates for the One-Year Programs and Fluency Programs are granted by The Polis Institute.

ADMISSIONS - How do I get a student visa?

Once you have submitted the application paperwork and have been accepted, we deal with getting you your visa. The process can take a while, this is why it is important that all your documents are clear, up to date, and uploaded as soon as possible.

ADMISSIONS - If I am in the last year of my BA and have not received my diploma yet can I still apply?

Yes! Send in your most recent transcript in your application. You can send the diploma once you receive it.

ADMISSIONS - How can I send in my passport pictures?

Preferably by regular mail to 8 HaAyin Het St 9511208 Jerusalem. However, if you cannot send us your physical passport pictures, a high-quality digital copy included in your application will suffice.

ADMISSIONS - Do I receive an official certificate after finishing my MA degree?

Yes, Polis offers two-year, third-party accredited master's degrees. Polis partners with top-ranking universities in Europe that offer Master of Arts in Ancient Philology and Near Eastern Languages. Your diploma and transcripts are accredited and issued by our partners upon request.

ADMISSIONS - Which program should I apply for?

That depends on you!

Do Semitic languages, and the ancient and contemporary Near East fascinate you? Read more about our programs in Near Eastern Languages here and here!

If you are captivated by the classics and the connection between Greek antiquity and Judeo-Christian heritage. Check our Ancient Philology programs here and here!

If your goal is becoming fluent in Ancient Greek, Arabic or Hebrew, this, this and this are the programs for you!

Or if you want to learn about teaching methodology and the Polis Method in-depth, then this certificate is for you!

Finally, please make sure to check our new program in Jerusalem studies!

ADMISSIONS - Does Polis offer online academic programs?

We don’t offer online academic courses, most of our students want to get the full Jerusalem experience. However, we do offer some courses online but you will need to follow the registration process for those courses and pay for each course separately.

ADMISSIONS - I am interested in taking a few courses here and there, can I register as an external student?

Yes, however, you will need to follow the registration process for those courses and pay for each course separately. You can read more about our theoretical courses here and our language courses here. Please note that registering for individual courses does not grant you the right to apply for a student visa with Polis

ADMISSIONS - What is the deadline for early enrollment?

June 1st. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up today! Click here to register.

PAYMENT - What methods of payment do you accept for the application fee?

You can pay through PayPal once you’ve submitted your application form or you can send the 500 NIS fee directly to [email protected] or [email protected]. We also accept payments through Wise and bank transfers.

If you’d like to pay via credit card, you can pay via phone at +972 (0)74 7011048 during office hours.

Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm IST Fridays 9:00am - 1:00pm IST

If you’d like to pay via bank transfer or Wise please email [email protected] to receive the details.

PAYMENT - How much do the academic programs cost?

Our academic programs starting in the year 2022 cost 27 000 NIS to 36 000 NIS per year, depending on whether you are eligible for our discounts.

Polis has scholarships available for interested students. Read more about our scholarships here.

PAYMENT - How do I get the early registration discount?

Students must be registered and pay in full or settle their tuition fees using an installment plan with our financial department before the June 1st deadline.

PAYMENT - How do I know if I qualify for the self-financing discount?

If you, your parents, or a loan are paying for your tuition, you are qualified to receive this discount. If an outside organization, scholarship, or program is covering the tuition they are required to pay in full. Please note that the early registration discount does not apply to students whose tuition is covered by an outside source.

PAYMENT - What if I got accepted to Polis but cannot attend?

Students may request to defer their acceptance, registration fee, and tuition fee for one year only. Students must pay a 2,000 NIS deferment fee (included as part of the tuition due for the following year).

If the student asks to cancel the following year, tuition will be refunded except for the registration fee.

Please keep in mind that scholarships and any discounts are not transferred/deferred and you must reapply for the scholarship should you be granted one. Please be aware that the tuition structure and Rules and Regulations of the following year may change.

PAYMENT - What if I started my studies at Polis but need to drop out?

Please, don’t leave us! We’ll be sad to see you go.

But, students can cancel their registration in their program and request a partial refund until the end of the third month from the start of the academic year. Students are required to notify Polis of their intent to cancel their registration in their program, as Polis is required to notify the Israeli Ministry of Interior of any changes in the student’s status.

STUDENT LIFE - Does Polis offer accommodations?

Polis does not offer accommodations; however, there are accommodation opportunities reserved for Polis students in the area. Show us your interest and we will get you in touch with them.

Please note that the options available are very limited, we suggest using other resources to look for accommodation such as the Secret Jerusalem Facebook group.

STUDENT LIFE - What is the cost of living in Jerusalem?

The cost of living in Jerusalem can range from 1000 USD - 1500 USD a month.

STUDENT LIFE - When can I find out what my schedule is?

We send out the course schedule and academic calendar before the start of the academic year. However, keep in mind that even though the schedule varies depending on the language and elective courses you choose, the schedule can be considered close to full-time.

STUDENT LIFE - What does a typical day at Polis look like?

Classes are Monday - Thursday with extra classes scheduled on Friday.

Classes are from about 9 am to 8 pm, however, the schedule varies a lot depending on the program and the number of electives the students choose.

Here is an example of a standard day*:

9:00 - 10:30 Mandatory Theoretical Course
10:45 - 12:45 Mandatory Language Course
13:00 - 13:45 Lunch Break
15:45 - 18:30 Mandatory Language Course

*schedules are subject to change

SCHOLARSHIPS - Can I apply for a scholarship before completing my program application?

No, students must have completed their application to one of our programs (including paying the application fee) before applying for a scholarship. You can complete both applications at the same time. Please note that the scholarship application deadline is around March.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Do I have to reapply for a scholarship if I already received a scholarship my first year?

Yes, Scholarships and any discounts are not transferred/deferred and you must reapply for the scholarship should you be granted one.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Can I reapply for a scholarship if I already received a scholarship my first year?

Yes, go for it!

Scholarships and any discounts are not transferred/deferred and you must reapply for the scholarship should you be granted one.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Can I apply for a scholarship in my second year of the program if I did not apply for one in my first year?

Absolutely! What are you waiting for?

SCHOLARSHIPS - On the scholarship application form, it states that I will need to complete a certain number of “volunteering” hours, depending on the scholarship. What does that mean?

It means that, in exchange for a reduction in your tuition, you will have to volunteer several hours at Polis, according to your skills, background, and areas of interest. Volunteering may include teaching, administrative work, social media tasks, and even gardening!

SCHOLARSHIPS - What is the best scholarship for me?

That depends on your skillset and the hours you have available to volunteer. Read more about our scholarships here to find out more.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Can I apply for more than one scholarship at the same time?

Yes! Not only that, we highly recommend that you apply to as many scholarships that are relevant to you so you have more chances of being awarded a scholarship.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Can I receive more than one scholarship?

No, scholarships are limited to one per student.

SCHOLARSHIPS - If I apply for a scholarship from Polis and receive it, could I decline it at a later date or am I required to accept it?

If you receive a Polis scholarship and choose to study with us, you can decline the scholarship but you would have to pay the full tuition.

If you choose not to study with us before the start of the academic year, you wouldn't have to pay full tuition, but you wouldn't get a refund for the non-refundable registration fee.