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Academic Programs

Third Party Master's Degrees

The Polis Institute offers an unparalleled path towards MA degrees through the unique Jerusalem experience and The Polis Method of language learning. Polis partners with top-ranking universities in Europe who offer Master's of Arts in Ancient Philology and in Near Eastern Languages.

One-Year Programs

Polis also offers shortened versions of the Ancient Philology and Near Eastern Languages Degrees. The One-Year Programs are open to anyone with a BA degree or above. Students who successfully complete the Program will receive a certificate from The Polis Institute.

Fluency Programs

Fluency Programs are two-year programs which aim to allow the student to master the language. No prior degree is required to join this program, which will give students the possibility to speak, read, listen, and write in the target language in the most efficient manner through The Polis Method of language learning.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What degree will I receive?

The degree-granting institution for each program differs. All MA degrees are granted by a third-party University. The MA in Ancient Philology degree is granted by Pontificia Università della Santa Croce and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. The MA in Near Eastern Languages degree is granted by Universidad de Navarra and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Certificates for the One-Year Programs and Fluency Programs are granted by The Polis Institute.