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Language Courses

Language Courses In Jerusalem

All our language courses are taught using The Polis Method, where students interact with their teachers only in the target language. This is in order to create an environment where students learn the most with their peers and get the best understanding of the language. Polis also offers online courses for students who cannot come to our campus in Jerusalem.

There are two academic semesters at Polis's campus in Jerusalem throughout the year - Fall and Spring. Language Courses are offered over a full semester basis and allow students to advance one level over four months. Polis also has summer intensive courses which allow a student to learn a whole level over a shorter period. For lengthier language programs geared towards profoundly mastering a language, see Fluency Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Polis language courses conducted?

All Polis language courses are conducted with the Polis Method, with all teachers having been trained in the method. Classes are entirely immersive: the teachers communicate with students entirely in the target language.