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Online Courses

Online Courses

The Polis Institute began offering online courses in March 2020, after our spring semester was interrupted by the situation regarding the coronavirus and we needed to move all our classes online.

While this was challenging for us, Polis successfully moved all our 70 Spring semester classes online – both language courses, and theoretical courses from our Academic Programs - and Polis teachers have since gained thousands of hours of online teaching experience. The academic staff at Polis have adapted The Polis Method to an online format and students have reported their satisfaction at the online classes.

The knowledge we gained in transferring our spring semester online has given us confidence in our ability going forward. In April 2020, Polis launched our first dedicated online classes in Latin and Ancient Greek and we have so far seen how students are steadily acquiring the language through these classes. Our summer intensive semester and September intensive courses in Ancient Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Spoken Arabic, MSA and Modern Hebrew were also run online.

In the Fall semester we will be offering all these languages plus Coptic and Classical Syriac and in addition opening theoretical courses to the general public for the first time. You can register for the fall courses here.

All classes will be taught through The Polis Method - which you can read more about here - following our Total Immersion and Dynamic Language Development principles. In our Fall courses, language classes will be held two times per week and students will have the ability to advance an entire level - around 80 Academic Hours - in their chosen language over the course of the four months.

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Course Listing

Fall courses are now open, please visit this link to register for an upcoming language course at Polis and this link to pay

You can still sign-up for our September Intensive language courses at the following link and you can pay for the September Intensive here. You can also visit each course page to learn more about the Syllabus, schedule and price.

Online courses at Polis are divided into different time zones to accomodate students from around the world.

Polis is also offering in-person language courses and theoretical courses in Jerusalem this Fall.

Please contact [email protected] for any queries regarding our courses and a representative will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the online courses be conducted?

The online courses will be done via Zoom. Students are expected to have good internet connection in order to participate well in class.

Will the course I register for take place?

Courses will take place according to registrations. We need to confirm a minimum number of students in order to confirm a course. We will inform students a minimum of five days before if a course will take place or not.