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Registration open for 2021-22 Academic Year

Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities is happy to announce that we have begun accepting registrations for the 2021-22 Academic Year.

This year we are offering seven programs: our third-party MA degrees in Ancient Philology and Near Eastern Languages – which both have corresponding one-year programs - as well as Certificates in Ancient Greek, Arabic and in Second Language Teaching Methodology.

We are also offering a wide variety of scholarships as part of our commitment to make studying at Polis accessible for students from all backgrounds. For the first time we are offering a significant discount for self-financed students.

The MA in Ancient Philology focuses on Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew. Intensive language training in both languages is offered over the two years of the program. Students complete the program with courses in linguistics, philology, philosophy, paleography, history, and literature. This program is ideal for people interested in taking up a career as Greek and Hebrew teachers, as well as for scholars interested in Antiquity, classical philosophy, classical philology, religious studies, or in the connection between Greek antiquity and Judeo-Christian heritage. This two-year MA degree has a corresponding certificate for students who want to complete it in one year.

The MA in Near Eastern Languages program consists of intensive modern and ancient language courses – mainly focused on Hebrew and Arabic - as well as courses in history, philosophy, and literature of the ancient and contemporary Near East. The program is designed for students who wish to take up a career in Semitic philology, journalism, history, languages, or the study of the history of the Near East, Eastern Christianity, Judaism or Islam. This program is ideal for students interested in the fields of the Hebrew Bible, Arabic heritage, and manuscript studies. This two-year MA degree has a corresponding certificate for students who want to complete it in one year.

The Certificates in Ancient Greek or in Arabic Fluency offers undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and academics from any field the possibility of mastering the most important languages of Antiquity. Students will be able to cover all the levels of the language of choice from a total beginner's level to acquire reading, writing, and speaking proficiency, with the option to take additional theoretical and practical courses closely linked to the target language’s cultural milieu.

A new program, the Certificate in Second Language Teaching Methodology, will be offered next year. This will be a one year program intended for language teachers who want to improve their teaching methodology or adapt it to immersive methods in any of the languages we offer at Polis Institute (Ancient Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew and Spoken Arabic). The goal is getting the necessary theoretical basis in Second Language Acquisition and methodological aspects and applying the Polis Method to their main language.

Tuition for the year is between 26,500 to 33,000 NIS depending on the student’s circumstances. We also have an early registration discount of 1500 NIS, and a 5000 NIS discount for self-financed students. We also have scholarship opportunities available, ranging from 25% to 100% discount. You can email progra[email protected] for any questions related to applications.

If you would like to join one of our shorter language courses, you can register for the Spring 2021 semester here, for either online or in-person courses.

This semester we will be offering language courses in Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Spoken Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Modern Hebrew in addition to Coptic and Classical Syriac.

All our courses will be taught according to The Polis Method which focuses on Total Immersion in the target language with an emphasis on speech fluency.