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From Logos to Person

 5th Interdisciplinary Conference at The Polis Institute

October 5-7, 2021 

The Conference was conducted in a hybrid mode. The schedule is displayed in Jerusalem time (GMT +3)

The timetable took into account that most of the participants were in GMT+3 through GMT-7 zones.  

October 5

13:45 -14:00 Presentation (Room 6)

14:00-15:15 Simultaneous Panels & discussion

Panel A1: Philology - Antiquity (Room 6)

John James (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanites): Sophist or Philosopher? Manipulation of Logos in Gorgias’ Not Being and Helen - Watch the presentation

Mateo Duque (Binghamton University - State University of New York): An-other Socratic Method: Socratic Mimēsis in the "Hippias Major" - Watch the presentation

Magdalena Bosch (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona): The human being in Aristotle as a precedent of the Boethian person - Watch the presentation


Panel B1: Philosophy - Antiquity (Room 4)

Juan Ignacio Riveros (University of Navarre, Spain): Πρόσωπον and Λόγος in Platos' Republic - Watch the presentation

Jose Felipe Silva (University of Helsinki): Awareness and Personhood in Augustine - Watch the presentation


15:15-16:30 Simultaneous Panels & discussion 

Panel A2: Philology - Post-Antiquity (Room 4)

Tzvi Schoenberg (University of Chicago): The Revision of Hebrew Linguistic Theory in Thirteenth Century Kabbalah - Watch the presentation

Erik Ellis (Universidad de los Andes, Santiago de Chile): In the Beginning was Discourse: Erasmian Logos and Popular Piety - Watch the presentation

Mark Saltveit (The Palindromist Magazine, US): Notate verba, et signate mysteria (ROTAS-SATOR) - Watch the presentation + Q&A

Panel B2: Philosophy - Middle Ages & Modernity (Room 6)

Reuven Kiperwasser (Ariel University; Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Soma and Persona: Rabbinic Perception of a Person - Watch the presentation

Jesse Sarneel (Leiden University, Netherlands): The Paradox of Modern Philosophy - Watch the presentation

Joaquin Paniello (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities): Self-possession as the constitutive act of a person - Watch the presentation


16:30-16:45 Coffee Break  

16:45-17:35 Philology - Antiquity: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Hildegund Müller (University of Notre Dame): Augustine’s practical conception of logos in his sermons on the Gospel of John - Watch the presentation

17:35-18:25 Philology - Antiquity: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Christophe Rico (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities): Saying, being said and proceeding out of the mouth: how does it define us as persons? Some philological remarks from Scripture - Watch the presentation

18:25-18:40 Coffee Break 

18:40-19:30 Philosophy - Middle Ages & Modernity: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University): Spinoza on Aquinas on Divine Persona - Watch the presentation

19:30-20:20 Philosophy - Middle Ages & Modernity: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

José Angel Lombo (Università Pontificia della Santa Croce, Rome): Person as a rational subsistent in Aquinas - Watch the presentation


October 6

13:45 -14:00 Introduction of Atrium Papers I 

14:00-15:15 Simultaneous Panels & discussion 

Panel C1: Exegesis (Room 6)

Yolanda Espiña  (University of Piura, Peru): Revelation and Metaphysics. A brief Reading of Ex. 3, 14 in Thomas Aquinas and some additional Considerations on German Idealism - Watch the presentation

José Ángel Domínguez (CRETIO Foundation, US): The Prophet's Voice and Identity: The Case of Obadiah - Watch the presentation

John Thuppayath (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities): The Exegesis of Torah in the Book of Job: A Case For Joban (and Israelite) Philosophical Hermeneutics  - Watch the presentation


Panel D1: Logos & Creation (Room 4)

Hasse Hämäläinen (Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland): The Loss of Logos: The Fall of Religious Rationalism in the late 18th Century Watch the presentation

Natan Behrendt de C. (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities): Working and Ceasing to Work: The Creative ΛΟΓΟΣ [LOGOS] of Philo and John Watch the presentation

Oskari Juurikkala (Åbo Akademi University, Finland): Discovering creation as personal presence: From logos ut ratio to logos ut verbum Watch the presentation


15:15-16:05 Sunni Islam - Creation: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Mustafa Abu Sway (Al-Quds University, Jerusalem): Logos to Person in the Qur'an: "Be and it is" Watch the presentation

16:05-16:55 Shia Islam - Logos: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Tahera Qutbuddin (University of Chicago): Living Imam as Speaking Qurʾan: Fāṭimid-Ṭayyibī Shīʿa Doctrine in the Teachings of al-Qāḍi l-Nuʿmān (d. 974), al-Muʾayyad al-Shīrāzī  Watch the presentation

16:55-17:10 Coffee Break 

17:10-18:00 Arab Traditions - Epistemology: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Taneli Kukkonen (New York University Abu Dhabi): Words and the Word in Arabic Philosophy: Shared Universe, Refracted Views Watch the presentation

18:00-19:15 Simultaneous Panels & discussion 

Panel D2: Medieval Traditions - Person & Creation (Room 6)

Romain Louge (Université Catholique de Lyon, France): The apparition of the concept of Person in the beginning of Arabic theology Watch the presentation

Görge Hasselhoff (Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany): The Creation of Mankind according to Ramon Martí's "Pugio Fidei" Watch the presentation


Panel E1: Ethics (Room 4)

Henrique Schneider (Nordakademie, University of applied sciences, Germany)Emulation as Worship of the Virtuous (He could not participate due to last minute problems) - (He could not participate due to last minute problems)

Jordan Myers (University of Pittsburgh): Dealing with it: The Objective Attitude at a Cost to Human Status Watch the presentation and Q&A

19:15-20:30 Simultaneous Panels & discussion 

Panel C2: Christian Theology (Room 6)

Silvia Mas (Università Pontificia della Santa Croce, Rome): Levels of application of exegesis to the words πρόσωπον-persona in Origen and Tertulian Watch the presentation

Roomet Jakapi (University of Tartu, Estonia): Expressivism, Puzzling Persons, and the Trinity Watch the presentation


Panel E2: Ethics & Technology (Room 4)

Nicholas Sparks (Saint Louis University, US): Towards a Hermeneutic Thomism: Rationality and Technological Mediation Watch the presentation and Q&A

Karen Lancaster (University of Nottingham, UK): Deception and robotic personhood  (She could not participate due to last minute problems)

October 7

13:45 -14:00 Introduction of Atrium Papers II 

14:00-15:15 Simultaneous Panels & discussion 

Panel F1: Identity (Room 4)

Fabrizio Conti (John Cabot University, Rome): The Preached Word and The Pagans: Maximus of Turin and the Shaping of Christian Identity in Late Antiquity (4th-5th Centuries CE) - Watch the presentation

Evgeniya Pesina (Institute for Research on Social Phenomena, Russia): Identity of a human or a humane identity? Watch the presentation

Caridad Velarde (University of Navarre, Spain): The contemporary debate on the notion of guilt and its relation to responsibility Watch the presentation


Panel G1: Contemporary Philosophy (Room 6)

J. Edward Hackett (Southern University and A&M College, US): Logos and Personality in Brightman's Personalistic Metaphysics - Watch the presentation

Kelby Bibler (Boston College): A Phenomenology of Prayer from Simone Weil’s Concept of Attention Watch the presentation

Valentina Gaudiano (Sophia University Institute, Italy): The Word throughout many words: Logos becomes living Body. A phenomenological perspective Watch the presentation


15:15-16:15 Panel & discussion 

Panel F2: Identity & Language (Room 6)

Sarit Cofman-Simhon (Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv): The Postvernacular Condition: Soundscapes of Jewish Languages in Israeli Theatre Watch the presentation

Camila Herrera-Pardo (Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia): How in Christ the contemplation of Logos became intimate friendship Watch the presentation

Sharron Shatil (Open University of Israel): The Computational Model of Language and Subject Watch the presentation


David van Schoor (Rhodes University, South Africa): Tinos Prosōpon: Dionysus’ Theatre and the Concept of Person (He could not participate due to last minute problem. He will sent his contribution)

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break  

16:30-17:20 Individual and Collective Identity: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Ruth Fine (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “How shall I know who am I?” Redefining the Individual and Collective Identity in the Writings of Authors of the Western Iberian Jewish Diaspora Watch the presentation

17:20-18:10 Identity & Responsibility: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Giuseppe Veltri (University of Hamburg): Unicity or multiplicity of the person and her moral responsibility: Reading Simone Luzzatto’s Discourse (1638) and Socrates (1651) Watch the presentation

18:10-18:25 Coffee Break 

18:25-19:15 Contemporary Philosophy - Transcendental Anthropology: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Mercedes Rubio (Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities): The Human Person: Status Quaestionis and Proposal for the 21st Century Watch the presentation

19:15-20:05 Contemporary Philosophy - Personalism: Keynote speaker presentation & discussion (Room 6)

Juan Manuel Burgos (Universidad CEU-San Pablo/Asociación Española de Personalismo): The Person in Personalism Watch the presentation

20:05 20:45 Closing words and reception (Room 6)

* The videos are available only to the participants and those registered as audience. If you are interested in watching them, you may register here with a reduced fee.