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Essential Verbs in Levantine Spoken Arabic

Compiled by Joaquín Paniello


Dr. Joaquín Paniello

 This book is a compilation of 463 verbs in Arabic, with a simple translation in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. It was compiled by a student after completing the Spoken Arabic courses at Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities and was reviewed by one of the institute's instructors.

Students of Spoken Arabic at Polis have felt the need for such a reference book that is specifically tailored toward verbs. There are many materials for Standard Arabic, but there is an additional need to understand better the differences between the spoken and written verbs. The learning process not only requires students to listen and speak the language but also to have a reference work to check the right form of a verb or to look up those verbs the students have forgotten. Polis hopes that this book will be a help to students seeking to advance their skills in Spoken Arabic.

The ordering of the verbs is an attempt to list the most common verbs of every group first. With each of the verbs, the following information is given: the root, a translation (Spanish, English, and French), the conjugations in the past (perfect) and present (imperfect) tense, the imperative form, and the three nominal forms -the active participle (إسم الفاعل), the passive participle (إسم المفعول), and the action (مصدر). The book also comes with an index arranged by Arabic roots and with three additional indexes, one for each language, indicating the page where the verb can be found. It also includes a summary of the conjugations in Arabic.