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Spring Semester (Feb-June) Language Courses 2022 are open for registration

Registration is Now Open for Spring Semester - 40-100 ACADEMIC HOURS (February 15, 2022 - June 16, 2022)

 בואו ללמוד שפות במכון פוליס בלב ירושלים

 تعالوا تعلموا معنا لغات في القدس

Modern Hebrew (لغة عبرية)
Biblical Hebrew
Spoken Arabic (ערבית מדוברת)
Modern Standard Arabic (ערבית ספרותית מודרנית)
Ancient Greek
Classical Syriac

Online Courses
Jerusalem Campus Courses

Begin learning a new language or advance to the next level.  A 200 NIS discount is available to all those who register by February 2, 2022