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Spring semester pre-registration open

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a more user-friendly website, we have launched a pre-registration system for our language courses.

This will allow interested students to inform us in advance of their wish to study with us and we will then simply send them the sign-up information once it is available on our website.

You can pre-register for the spring semester here and you can find out more information about which courses we will be offering here.

In February, we will start our Spring semester courses which will include both an online and hopefully in-person option (dependent on Ministry of Health guidelines).

As usual we will be offering language courses in Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Spoken Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Modern Hebrew in addition to Coptic and Classical Syriac. 

All our courses will be taught according to The Polis Method which focuses on Total Immersion in the target language with an emphasis on speech fluency.

We will announce final dates, times and schedules for the spring semester in the coming months. Until then all courses are currently open for pre-registration and we encourage students to do this as early as possible to ensure your desired course takes place.

You can see our full selection of online courses here