GP/Fluency Staff

Prof. Christophe Rico, Director 

Research interests:  Greek Semantics, General Linguistics.

Other activities: Professor of Greek at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Française

Dr. Mercedes Rubio, Director of Research, Director of Institutional Relations


Research interests: Ancient Greek and Medieval Latin Philosophy, transmission of Greek texts into the Latin West.

Other Activities: Member of the Corpus Thomisticum project.

Eyal Nahum, Hebrew Department Coordinator


Research interests: General Syntax, Syntax of Biblical Hebrew, Language Pedagogics.

Other Activities: Hebrew Coordinator at the Polis Institute.

Henri Gourinard, Academic Director


Research interests: Urban history of the medieval and early modern Levant; Travel and Pilgrimage literature; Latin East.

Other activities: PhD candidate at Bordeaux III University (France).

Maram Jaraysi, Arabic Department Coordinator

Research interests: Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic Studies

Other activities: Instructor of Modern Standard Arabic and Palestinian Colloquial Arabic at the Polis Institute.

Michael Kopf, Greek Department Coordinator

Research interests: Ancient Greek and Latin philology, language pedagogy.

Other activities: Instructor of Ancient Greek at the Polis Institute.

Prof. Jerónimo Leal

Research Interests: Patristic Philology, Ancient Christian Literature from Northern Africa. Tertullian. Acta Martyrum.

Other activities: Professor of Patrology at the Università della Santa Croce and Visiting Professor at the Istituto Patristico Augustinianum (Roma).

Prof. Tania Notarius


Research interests: Semitic languages and philology

Other activities: Lecturer of Biblical Hebrew and North-West Semitic languages at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prof. Juan Chapa


Research interests: Early manuscript tradition of Christian texts, Papyrology.

Other activities: Professor of New Testament and Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Navarra.

Prof. Shukri B. Abed

Research interests: Philosophy, Near Eastern languages and civilizations, Middle Eastern politics, language, and logic, democracy and globalization

Other activities: Professor of Philosophy, former director of the Center for Jerusalem Studies at Al-Quds University, writer.

Prof. Avi Blitz

Research interests: Hebrew and Yiddish, the Jewish exegetic tradition, and translation theory

Other activities: PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Indiana University on the Tsene Urene

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