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Polis Community

International Character

The students and staff of Polis make up a community of exceptionally diverse, intellectually curious, and highly motivated language learners. Students—whether they be professionals or scholars, local or international—come to Polis to share a commitment to language study and language immersion.

Years of Operation
Graduate Programs

From my experience as a high school Latin teacher, I was confident that the Polis method was worth serious thought, and now I observe my own language intuition in Ancient Greek growing.

Kelsey Coia

Virginia, US / MA in Ancient Philology ’20

Studying a BA at Harvard made me think about being Christian in an increasingly secularized society. I came to Polis to learn Ancient Greek and Hebrew so I have a clearer lens to study the Bible. I love The Polis Method because it helps me gain a deeper understanding of ancient texts.

Cooper Bryan

United States / One Year Program in Ancient Philology ’21

I decided to continue my studies of Hebrew and Arabic languages in Polis because it’s the only place where I could study both languages at the same time and in a city where students from the whole world meet.

Sarah Pinson

Rouen, France / MA in Near Eastern Languages ’20

Upon completion of my MA I decided Professional Fluency in Arabic would complement my degree well. I came to Polis seeking Spoken Arabic and MSA courses. It gives me the opportunity to communicate with more people, and understand news broadcasts and newspapers. I really enjoy studying at Polis and I feel my Arabic improving so much.

Rachel Prusak

USA / Fluency in Arabic Certificate ’21


Having a lifelong experience teaching Latin with a communicative approach, I have found only at Polis the chance to learn Coptic, Hebrew, and Arabic taught also in the target language. It was very exciting to study there!

Avit Gracia-Garcia

London, UK

Polis is the only place where the Ancient languages are still living. Located in the Holy Land, the city of the Bible, Polis gives me a chance to go back to the Ancient World, and to meet the thoughts of the ancient saints and sages.

Shen Yichen

Wuhan, China / MA in Ancient Philology ’19

The Polis method is the best means to study Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. By speaking and listening to these languages, I was able to read a good amount of ancient works in their original language with ease by the time I received the MA in Ancient Philology degree.

Reuel Martinez

Brazil / Ancient Philology ’16

I want to underline how effective, enjoyable and powerful this course was for me. The programme is nothing short of breathtaking. At times I forgot that I was learning "Latin" as such, and was instead just loving the art of communicating in a new language. Rarely, if ever, have I had such value and pleasure from a course and I loved every moment of this outstanding opportunity to learn, at long last, Latin as a living language.

Sean Stewart

USA / Latin Intensive ’19