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The FALL 2023 Semester will start on October 16

Considering the current situation in Jerusalem and the country, it was decided to postpone the start date of the Fall semester 2023-2024 to Monday, October 16. This applies to both, In-person and Online courses. 

In-person courses will remain in-person at Polis, and online courses will remain online. 

Please note that courses that are to be held on Mondays and Wednesdays will start on Monday, October 16 and courses that are to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays will start on Tuesday, October 17.  

Registration will remain open until a week after the start of the courses. 

You can Pay online via PayPal to this account: [email protected] or by Bank Transfer or Credit Card over the phone.

To pay by Credit Card over the phone. You can call us on (972)0747011048 or on our WhatsApp number +972 50-793-8663

You can place cash and Credit Card payments at the office, only note that we will not necessarily be open during all the regular office times, and our presence at the office depends on the situation, so please call before visiting us at the office. 

FYI: Our courses depend on the number of registrations we get, if the number is enough the course will surely take place. If not, students will be notified 5 days before and will be issued a refund. The unconfirmed and uncancelled courses are still not decided yet, and we will update you all the time.