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The Polis Institute Press (PIP) began its activity in 2015 with the publication of several textbooks for our Ancient Greek and Latin courses.  Polis: Speaking Ancient Greek as a Living Language (2015), and Forum Lectiones Latinitatis Vivae (2017), were specially designed to incorporate visually, and through exercises, the Polis Method of language learning.   PIP continues to research and publish new books in line with our goals of reviving ancient languages and improving the teaching - and learning - of both ancient and modern languages.  Current projects include the first ever Ancient Greek Thematic Dictionary, which is expected to become a major research tool for academics and scholars of sacred texts, philosophy, and philology.

In addition to language research, our biennial Interdisciplinary Conference provides a rich source of academic papers for publication.  Subjects such as The Library of Alexandria attract expert researchers from around the world, who gather at Polis to explore these topics in depth.  Conferences culminate with the submission of papers, which are then published in a peer-reviewed monograph.