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Theoretical Courses at Polis - now open to the public

The Polis Institute is delighted to announce that some of our theoretical courses from our Academic Programs have been made open to the public.

The academic staff at Polis offer some very interesting courses ranging from linguistic and philological treaties to historical and philosophical courses.

These are the courses being offered

Arabic Folklore and Popular Stories
Arabic in Media
Critical Apparatus
Historical Geography III
Introduction to Hebrew Literature
Jewish Feasts
Medieval Sources
Phonetics and Phonology
Patristic Sources
The Seven Seals Pt. I 
The Notion of God 
Translation Theory

The syllabus, prices, dates, times and other information about the courses can be found here along with the registration and payment forms.

The Historical Geography course is a particular highlight of the academic year at Polis as students will be treated to 7 engaging field trips around the Holy Land.

Students need to submit a written request in order to join the theoretical course and attach a copy of their CV.  The instructor and the Head of Program will then review the letter and CV and decide whether they will be able to participate.

Our language courses for October in Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, Modern Hebrew, Latin, Spoken Arabic , Coptic and Classical Syriac are also open - more information regarding prices and registration can be found here.