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Coordinator of Studies

Trainee Teacher (Ancient Greek/Latin)

Coordinator of Studies

Academic and Student Affairs Department

Full-Time (40 hrs / week)


Based on skills and experience

The Polis Institute is hiring a Coordinator of Studies to join the Academic and Student Affairs Department.

The mission of the Academic and Student Affairs Department is to ensure the excellence and quality of teaching at The Polis Institute and make sure that the student experience is outstanding both at the academic and the human development levels.


The Coordinator of Studies will work closely with and report to the Academic Affairs Coordinator and will be particularly focusing on issues related to:

Enrollment of students: answer questions and follow-up on potential students; help them in the registration and visa processes.
Program design: in coordination with the Academic Affairs Coordinator and the Heads of Programs, establish the program design including the lists of mandatory and elective courses, as well as the rules and regulations of the registration and learning processes.
Tuition & financial aid: assist the Secretary General in the pricing of the programs and in establishing the scholarship offerings.
Scheduling: build the schedules for the programs and register the students in the different courses.
Registrar and issuing of transcripts: maintain the student dossiers and issue the transcripts of the students.
Student life and academic orientation: organization of all non-course activities including conferences and events. Act as the contact person when students have questions about choices of courses and tracks.
Relations with alumni: build data about the alumni of the Polis Institute in regards to career development.
● In addition, the Coordinator of Studies will assist the Academic Affairs Coordinator in her tasks related to the follow-up on teachers training, quality of teaching, and application of the innovative Polis method.


- MA degree in administration, management, or any related field. BA or a minor in Humanities is a plus.

- Bilingual in English (preferably mother-tongue)

- At least 2 years experience in an administrative or coordination position, preferably in fields that involve education or long-term youth programs (for example: higher education, education, schools, and para-educational programs for youth).

- Excellent interpersonal and social skills.

- Openness and willingness to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

- Experience in using administrative software and tools is a plus.

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] before the 26th of October 2020.

Trainee Teacher (Ancient Greek/Latin)

Ancient Greek/Latin Department

The Polis Institute is offering opportunities for candidates interested in being trained in teaching Ancient Greek or Latin following The Polis Method. At the end of the training period The Polis Institute can offer to the candidate the possibility to join the Polis teaching staff for the languages he/she has been trained in.



Background in Humanities and/or Classics, or similar.

Interest in teaching languages.

Open to learn language teaching methodology and, especially, innovative methodologies.

Able to work in a multicultural environment.


  • Israeli nationality or permanent residency.
  • B.A. in Classics, Humanities, or equivalent.
  • If the candidate has a B.A. in Classics, he/she will be requested to reach a M.A. level by the end of the training (it can be an M.A. in Classics from another institution or the program in Ancient Philology at Polis Institute), plus the Emphasis in Teaching Ancient Languages at Polis Institute.
  • If the candidate has a B.A. in Humanities or equivalent, he/she will be requested to take the program in Ancient Philology at Polis Institute with the Emphasis in Teaching Ancient Languages.
  • Passive knowledge of English
  • Some of the courses in the training will be in English, so the candidate is requested to provide proof of a language level high enough to understand and participate in the courses.
  • Teaching experience desired, but not required.


  • Training opportunity to learn how to teach Ancient Greek or Latin in a live and immersive way, following The Polis Method.
  • The training will be personalized according to the needs of the candidates.
  • It will involve both theoretical and practical aspects, observation of classes and leading some of the activities and lessons.
  • The duration of the training will be decided according to the candidate’s background, ranging from one to two academic years.
  • Polis will cover the training expenses. However, if a position is finally offered to the candidate after the training period and he/she declines the offer, a penalty must be paid.
  • At the end of the training period, Polis keeps the right to offer the trainee a teaching position.


If you think you qualify for this training opportunity, please send you CV and your application letter to the following email by December 1st 2020: [email protected]